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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Nine answers from Springer Open Choice

Jan Velterop, the Open Access Director at Springer, has sent me the Springer Open Choice answers to my nine questions for hybrid journal programs.
  1. Does the journal let participating authors retain copyright? Yes.
  2. Does the journal use an OA-friendly license, like those from Creative Commons? Yes. Does it let authors do so? Yes.
  3. Does the journal automatically deposit participating articles in an OA repository independent of the publisher? Yes. If the OA repository in question accepts such articles, which is not always the case. Does it allow the author to do so? Yes.
  4. Does the journal waive fees in cases of economic hardship? In exceptional cases only. There is no blanket waiver.
  5. Does the journal promise to reduce the subscription price in proportion to author uptake? Yes.
  6. If authors have a prior obligation to their funding agency to provide OA to their peer-reviewed manuscript, does the journal let them comply without choosing the new OA option and paying the associated fee? See answer to question 7.
  7. If the journal previously allowed author self-archiving without an embargo, does it still allow it for authors who do not choose the new OA option? Yes.
  8. For participating authors, do the OA publication fees cover page and color charges or are the latter laid on top of the former? There are no page charges. The article processing charges do cover colour charges, for the online version. Additional colour charges do apply if the author wants colour in print, but the option is given to print in black and white at no extra charge, while the online version is in full colour.
  9. Is the fee high or low? As Peter already says, there is no right answer.

Thanks, Jan. If other publishers of hybrid journals would like to publicize their answers to these nine questions, I can offer this forum. If the answers are short, like Springer's, then I can blog them here. If they are long, I can post them to SOAF and blog an excerpt and link here.