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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Macmillan CEO on "copyright erosion" by OA

Tim Coates has blogged some notes on yesterday's keynote by Richard Charkin (CEO of Macmillan) at the National Acquisitions Group conference (Reading, September 13-14, 2006).  Excerpt:

[Charkin] urged the [publishing and library] sectors to build a united front to help battle "copyright erosion" by open access models, Google digitisation, and other threats.


  1. This is all I have on the OA part of Charkin's talk.  If anyone has more details, I'd like hear them.
  2. Of course OA literature does not depend on the infringement or abolition of copyright.  I assume that Charkin knows this.
  3. How about if universities and libraries build a united front to battle the "copyright enclosure" by publishers who demand to own the copyrights to research conducted by others, written up by others, and funded by taxpayers?