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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Institutional archiving software supports tags and comments

The Columbia University Teachers College has created PocketKnowledge, a new package of archiving software that it's using to archive just about anything --documents, music, photos, video-- created by its faculty and students. (Thanks to Jonah Bossewitch.)

As far as I can tell, PocketKnowledge is not open source or OAI-compliant, but it allows depositers to set access levels (private, university-only, everyone) and allows users to tag and comment on any accessible item. Any item may be cross-listed in any number of sections or pockets. Users can browse the contents by pocket, tag, author, or uploader. Tag searching allows boolean combinations on all fields so that you find, e.g. all work by students on sexual discrimination. The software is available to other institutions. For more details, see the FAQ.