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Monday, July 17, 2006

New draft of US government report recommends open content initiatives

The U.S. Commission on the Future of Higher Education has released the second draft (July 14) of its report and recommendations on US higher education. The first draft came out on June 22.

Neither draft says anything about open access to research literature, though the second draft contains an endorsement of open courseware (p. 16) missing from the first:

The Commission encourages the creation of incentives to catalyze the development of open-source and open-content projects at universities and colleges across the United States, enabling the open sharing of educational materials from a variety of institutions, disciplines, and educational perspectives. Such a portal could stimulate innovation, and serve as the leading resource for teaching and learning. New paradigms manifested in initiatives such as OpenCourseWare, the Open Knowledge Initiative, the Sakai Project, and the Google Book project hold out the potential of providing universal access to both knowledge and higher education.

Note that even the second draft is for "for discussion purposes only" and is not final.

Update. The third draft came out on August 3, 2006, and doesn't mention OA either. The open-source/open-content recommendation above survives unchanged.