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Monday, May 15, 2006

Commons Report 2006

The Tomales Bay Institute's Commons Report for 2006 is now online. This year's edition includes a short entry on OA:
Now, open source science

Until recently, science was a ‘gift economy’ in which scientists pursued basic knowledge and freely shared their findings and ideas. Then, patents became the rage, and with them came secrecy and a tilt of research toward profit-making products.

In response, many scientists are creating new scholarly commons. [1] The international effort to sequence the human genome placed all its results in the public domain. [2] The Public Library of Science publishes freely accessible, peer-reviewed journals in biology and medicine. [3] OneWorld Health, a not-for-profit pharmaceutical company, brings scientists and capital together to create low-cost drugs for the developing world. [4] The Tropical Disease Initiative, a Web-based community of laboratories, collaborates on research for similar drugs.