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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Is Grey different from Green?

TextRelease has announced that GreyNet offers a New Road to Open Access. Excerpt:
Since the relaunch of GreyNet by TextRelease in 2003, authors both in the [Grey Literature] Conference Series as well as those contributing to The Grey Journal (TGJ) sign-on to a “non-exclusive rights agreement”. The authors remain free to deposit their own work in other online repositories, which they deem fit. This non-exclusive rights agreement further allows GreyNet to negotiate licensing and cooperative publishing exchange of the full text and metadata contained in its in-house content base."

Comment. In an email accompanying the announcement, TextRelease says that the grey road is a third path beyond the gold and green roads to OA. I must disagree. I applaud TextRelease for letting its authors deposit their work in OA repositories. But that's the green road. Many different rights agreements with publishers are compatible with OA archiving and TextRelease's agreement is just another in the series.