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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

OAI for small journal publishers

University of Strathclyde, with JISC funding, has launched Stargate (Static Repository Gateway and Toolkit), whose motto is "Enabling small publishers to participate in OAI-PMH-based services." From today's announcement:
The STARGATE project is exploring the use of static repositories as a means of exposing publisher metadata to OAI-based disclosure, discovery and alerting services within the JISC Information Environment and beyond. Such an approach allows smaller publishers to participate in OAI-based services without having to implement and maintain an full repository. The project is implementing a series of static repositories of publisher metadata, and will demonstrate the interoperability of the exposed metadata through harvesting and cross-searching via a static repository gateway, and conduct a critical evaluation of the static repository approach with publishers and service providers....Although the project will initially focus on e-journals, the static repository approach also lends itself to other types of publishing, including e-books, e-learning materials and other digital resources

Currently four journals and an OA archiving project are participating in Stargate: (1) Journal of Digital Information, (2) Information Research, (3) Library and Information Research, (4) Information Scotland, and (5) the PerX project