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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Libraries are changing faster than their public image

OCLC released a report today, Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources showing that "information consumers view libraries as places to borrow print books, but they are unaware of the rich electronic content they can access through libraries." From the press release:
"We wanted to know more about people's information-seeking practices and preferences, how familiar people are with the wide variety of e-resources libraries provide for their users, and how libraries compare to other information resources, particularly Web-based resources," said Cathy De Rosa, Vice President, OCLC Marketing & Library Services, and a principal contributor to the report....Among the findings of the report:...Respondents do not trust purchased information more than free information...."The information resource market—tools, content and access—is growing, not shrinking, providing more options and more choices to people using the Web to search for information and content," said Ms. De Rosa. "Libraries are seen as a place for traditional resources—such as books, reference materials and research assistance—and to get access to the internet. The results of this survey confirm that libraries are not seen as the top choice for access to electronic resources."