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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Costs of OA repositories

Rebecca Kemp has posted some figures on the costs of setting up and running open-source OA repositories at 10 institutions. The figures came in response to her call for data on the LibLicense discussion list. If you have additional data, send them to her at

According to her spreadsheet, the low end for set-up costs is $5,770 (CILEA) and the high end is $1,706,765 (Cambridge University). The low end for yearly maintenance is $36,000 (National University of Ireland) and the high end is $285,000 (MIT). Because Cambridge gives no annual maintenance cost, it's very high set-up cost may include annual maintenance. Kemp lists the Caltech archive but doesn't mention Caltech's finding that set-up costs are less than $1,000.

It's not clear what the different institutions are counting as part of set-up and maintenance. It would help to break out the different costs so that we know when we're comparing like with like and when we're not.