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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Public domain information in Russia

UNESCO has released a summary of a recent conference on governmental public domain information in Russia. Excerpt:
The issue of access to governmental public domain Information was discussed by some 150 experts at a conference in Smolensk (Russia) in late June 2005 organized under the auspices of UNESCO's Information for All Programme....The main item on the agenda was the discussion of UNESCO's Policy Guidelines for the Development and Promotion of Governmental Public Domain Information, and the Declaration on Human Rights and the Rule of Law in the Information Society....The experts - policymakers, legal experts, education, science, culture and ICT professionals, civil society and business representatives from Russia and CIS countries also discussed the outcomes of the session on "Universal Access to Public Domain Information" of the international conference "UNESCO Between two Phases of the World Summit on the Information Society" that took place in St. Petersburg earlier this year....Selena Semushkina, Federal Agency for Information Technologies, said: "It is really important that state bodies, businesses and public organizations jointly endorse a new approach to access to information". She stressed the educational potential of online information and its potentially long-run impact on economics, science and culture of Russia.