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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Plant Methods -- new OA jnl

Plant Methods published its first articles on 18 August. It is the latest independent, Open Access journal, now 74 in total, to be hosted by BioMed Central. Succinctly, this is a methodology journal for the post-genomics era of research in the plant science. From the journal's About page:
Technological innovation is probably the most important catalyst for progress in any scientific discipline. Yet to date there has been no plant journal specialising on the development and application of new techniques. The result is that technical creativity has not being given the high-profile platform it needs and deserves. Plant Methods aims to redress the balance by promoting and rapidly disseminating technological advances in plant biology. The goals of the journal will be to stimulate the development and adoption of new and improved techniques and research tools and, where appropriate, to promote consistency of methodologies for better integration of data from different laboratories.

Plant Methods - Fulltext v1+ (2005+); ISSN: 1746-4811.