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Thursday, August 04, 2005

More on the NIH public-access policy

Information included in an item, "First fruits of the NIH public-access policy", in issue #88 (2 August) of Peter Suber's SPARC Open Access Newsletter merits repetition here. The Author Manuscripts in PMC provides information about articles that have been submitted to PubMed Central in response to the NIH public-access policy, and have been processed and are ready to read online. On 4 August, the list of author manuscripts yielded a total of 13 such articles. When the abstract (or the full text) of any of these articles is accessed, a "Related material" drop-down menu provides links to other relevant information. See, for example, the "Related material" for the article by Mirko H. H. Schmidt and colleagues. Comment: If only about 3 percent (340/11,000) of possible research articles are being submitted to PubMed Central (see U.S. Senate Supports NIH Public Access Policy), then, of these, only about 3-4 percent (13/340) are actually available online via PMC (so far).