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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

More on the Connexions Project

The National Council of Professors of Educational Administration (NCPEA) has chosen the open-access Connexion Project "to develop and house a comprehensive set of writings and up-to-date information that its members can use to develop courses." From yesterday's press release:
Connexions use of Creative Commons copyright licenses means that any educator in the world will be able to use or modify the materials to create their own individualized courses. "Our discipline has talked about creating this kind of thing for almost 50 years, but we've never really had the means to make it work," said Ted Creighton, executive director of NCPEA. "Books are too expensive. There's no way to include everything or to keep them current, and members can't afford them anyway. "With the Connexions model, any member will be able to submit their writings to the knowledgebase, subject them to peer review, and any other member will be able to tap into that knowledge for free, or to build upon it," he said....Connexions provides free software that allows anyone to publish to the repository under a Creative Commons open license. The license allows anyone else, be they a student or faculty member, to re-use, revise and recombine the modules. This feature gives people the option of creating customized courses, custom textbooks and personalized study guides.