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Monday, July 18, 2005

New book series on OA

Polimetrica, the Milan-based scientific publisher, has launched a book series on open access. From the web site: 'Open Access is a book series which aims to promote projects, initiatives, tools and methods, developed in order to help the free and open access to the knowledge resources. Each volume contains papers, short monographs and other documents connected with one or more of the following questions: what were, what are and what could be the different meanings of the expression "free and open access"? What kinds of activities could be developed in order to help the free and open access to the knowledge resources? How is it possible to organize these activities? What was, what is and what could be the role of the free and open access activities in the different kinds of cultures, societies and economies? How is it possible to circulate the free and open access philosophy in these multiple contexts? This series aims to address its enquiries by directing the research perspectives towards the future (what could be ...), not forgetting the present (what is ...) and the past roots (what was ...): the frameworks of knowledge are made up through plural histories, localized in different cultural, social and economical backgrounds and developed in relation to different needs, equally important and considerable. To be published a work must be structured, correct, clear and well written. Authors are encouraged to cooperate with other working scientists and with people and organizations interested in developing, promoting and benefiting the obtained results.'

Giandomenico Sica is the editor-in-chief of the series. Each volume will appear in an open-access edition as well as a priced, printed edition. (Disclosure: I am a member of the Editorial Advisory Board.)