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Thursday, July 21, 2005

More on OA to drug trial data

Vinita Salvi, Research trials: Registration, reporting and publication, Journal of Postgrad Medicine, 51, 2 (2005). Excerpt:
The world of medical research is increasingly concerned about the need to completely document all trials and ensure that they are accurately and completely reported. Researchers owe an ethical obligation of imparting full and correct information about their trials to both their research participants and the public at large. Thus, knowledge gained from research should be in the public domain and freely available to everybody. Making research data public also serves the purpose of conserving resources by avoiding unnecessary duplication of research work....Though trial registration is an important initiative it is not a panacea since it does not provide access to unpublished data submitted to regulatory bodies such as the Food and Drug Administration. Should the principle of only considering registered trials be applied across the board by all journals? This is undoubtedly necessary in the long run.