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Friday, July 22, 2005

ETD policies at ARL institutions

Charles W. Bailey, Jr., ETD Policies and Procedures at ARL Institutions, July 21, 2005. Excerpt: 'What electronic theses and dissertation (ETD) policies and procedures are in use in major North American research institutions? The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) currently has 123 member libraries in the US and Canada. Below is a list of Web sites at ARL institutions that provide significant information about these institutions’ ETD policies and procedures. Some of these Web pages are on the library’s Website; some are on other university components’ Websites. This list was complied by a quick look at ARL libraries’ home pages, supplemented by limited institution-specific Google searching. Since these Websites can be difficult to find, this is likely to be partial list of relevant Websites. Please leave information about other relevant Websites in comments.' Then Charles links to the ETD policy pages at 29 ARL institutions.

Update. Also see the supplement Charles posted on July 27.