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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Looking for OA journals in archaeology

Alun Salt, I'm a hypocrite (of sorts), April 25, 2005. A blog posting on OA publishing in archaeology. Excerpt: 'Having praised the Physicists for the use of arXiv. I'm now going to out myself as a hypocrite. I recently heard confirmation that my first paper, 'Knowing when to consult the oracle of Delphi' (co-authored with Efrosyni Boutsikas) will be published. It's not in an open access journal, nor will the offprint appear in an open archive. It's certainly a problem, or at least half a problem. In my defence, apart from AJA there are no suitable open access journals to publish in....There are two good reasons for open access in the humanities (Roy Rosenzweig has several via Open Access News). One is that if the public are paying for the research then they should have a right to be able to access it. I'd be persuaded by this if I'd received any public funding....The second, and far more practical, reason is that I am effectively a second-year PhD student who will need a job soon. The more potential employers that have access to the paper, the better my prospects....Fortunately for this article I've fallen on my feet. It will appear in the September issue of Antiquity, which is the UK's most widely read archaeological journal. Even classical departments should have relatively easy access to it. As far as the public goes, never in my wildest dreams would I imagine anyone paying £50 to subscribe to Antiquity, nor paying £15+VAT for nine pages. It's a shame....'