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Thursday, February 03, 2005

SIIA coming around?

Chuck Richard, More from SIIA, Outsell Now, February 2, 2005. Notes from the SIIA Summit. Excerpt: ' "Google as the Devil" is no more. What is new is the event's and the traditional information industry's apparent new attitude toward Google (and by association, the rest of the open Internet as a force in the industry). No longer are businesses describing how they are protecting their turf from Google. Most are actively working with Google on some level, and more importantly, many are going way beyond that, working with other sites and channels that do not involve Google. Kelly Gay of KnowledgeStorm noted that her company has over 80 partner sites that generate leads and traffic. There is an upbeat tone to those discussions, as if everyone has figured out that the openness of the internet is an advantage, not a threat.' (PS: Note to SIIA. If the openness of the internet is an advantage, can you try to undo the damage you caused by lobbying to terminate the funding for PubScience?)