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Friday, February 04, 2005

NIH policy implementation plan

In addition to the policy itself, the press release, and the FAQ, the NIH has released an implementation plan for the policy. Excerpt from the implementation plan: 'The publisher may choose to furnish PMC with the publisherís final version, which will supersede the authorís final version. Also, if the publisher agrees, public access to the publisherís final version in PMC can occur sooner than the timing originally specified by the author for the authorís final version....Though the NIH anticipates that investigators will use this opportunity to submit their manuscripts, sending electronic copies is voluntary and will not be a factor in the review of scientific progress....Issuance of this policy is the beginning of a process that will include refinements as experience develops, outcomes are evaluated, and public dialogue among all the stakeholders is continued. An NIH Public Access Advisory Working Group of the NLM Board of Regents4 will be established. The Working Group will be composed of stakeholders that will advise NIH/NLM on implementation and assess progress in meeting the goals of the NIH Public Access Policy. Once the system is operational, modifications and enhancements will be made as needed with the Working Group, or a permanent subcommittee of the Board, providing ongoing advice on improvements.'