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Friday, February 04, 2005

Journal of Medical Genetics experiments with OA

Eamonn Maher, The Journal of medical genetics and open access publishing: to choose or not to choose? Journal of Medical Genetics, February 2005. An editorial. Excerpt: 'This year the JMG will experiment with open access. This will take two forms: (1) During 2005, up to 20 papers from the UK will be published as open access articles at no cost to the authors; suitable papers accepted will be randomised to "open access" or "closed access". This has been made possible by financial support from the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), a joint body of the Further and Higher Education Funding Councils of the UK....(2) Authors from countries other than the UK will be able to choose to pay a publication fee (£1200 ($2300)) to make their article freely available to all. If they decline, the article will remain behind access controls until it is 12 months old, but will be free thereafter as is our usual practice. Do note however that although any open access article is free for research and personal use, our reuse policy remains unchanged. Full details of this policy can be found on our website.'