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Friday, February 04, 2005

DC Principles coalition on the NIH policy

The journal publishers behind the DC Principles have issued a press release on the new NIH public-access policy. Excerpt: 'The final National Institutes of Health (NIH) rule on Enhanced Public Access to NIH Research Information is wasteful of federal research dollars and a missed opportunity to take advantage of available technology and existing efforts, according to a group of the nation's leading not-for-profit medical and scientific publishers....These publishers believe that NIH should take advantage of the fact that most not-for-profit publishers currently make all their content --not just NIH supported articles-- available for free to the public within 12 months. Not-for-profit publishers believe that the public would be better served if NIH created an enhanced search engine that works like Google to crawl the journals' full text articles and link to the final published articles residing on the journal websites.' (PS: To me this shows that the recent concession to publishers --lengthening the permissible delay past six months-- did not reduce publisher opposition, and therefore was not worth making.)