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Monday, January 31, 2005

OA to California-funded stem-cell research

David Shatto is trying to persuade the State of California to provide open access to California-funded stem-cell research. From his public announcement yesterday: 'California will soon start spending $3 billion over 10 years on biomedical research. How it handles the breakthroughs it makes can bring tremendous benefits - not only to Californians, but for all humanity. The organization that will decide how these breakthroughs are controlled has a lot of pressure from many different competing interests. I'm starting a project that would urge them to do what Jonas Salk did with his polio vaccine in the early 1950's - make all breakthoughs freely available to all humanity.' Also see the Slashdot thread he has launched on this topic. (PS: I hope all OA supporters in California can join David in this effort.)