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Thursday, December 09, 2004

OA to German education research

Sandra Schaffert, Kostenlose Online-Literatur der Bildungsforschung, P@psych, April 3, 2004. In German but with this English-language abstract: 'A milestone in the short history of scientific publishing on the World Wide Web is the publication of the first scientific journal twenty years ago. Currently, a movement is forming that demands open access to texts in scientific journals. After giving a sketch about the history of online publishing and a short introduction to the open access movement and its goals, this text provides an overview about recent online literature concerning educational research in German language which is available for free. It can serve as a base for own literature research. The main focus of this documentation is on online journals in their different forms: retrospective digitising, parallel edition of a print version, or pure online journal.' (Thanks to Klaus Graf.)