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Monday, November 01, 2004

Review of Lessig's Free Culture

David G. Post, Free Culture vs. Big Media: Lawrence Lessig leads the charge to retake the public domain, Reason Online, November 2004. A review of Lessig's book, Free Culture. Excerpt: "[In the past eight years] the questions [raised by copyright in the digital age] have only become more difficult and more important, what with Napster, the recording industry's campaign against file sharing, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, e-books, open-source software, open-access journals, TiVo, the Grey Album, and so on. Copyright law and copyright problems have gone mainstream; now everyone is thinking about copyright....In Free Culture, his third and best book, Lessig shows his hand. He has a cause, and he wants us to rally to it. The cause is the protection of that imaginary piece of real estate known as 'the public domain' and the 'free culture' that has always, Lessig argues, been built upon and interleaved with it -- the culture of transformative art, of sharing and borrowing and reborrowing and retransforming, of collages, cover versions, dramatizations, fictionalizations, and adaptations -- the whole universe of ways new art builds upon and emerges from old."