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Friday, October 29, 2004

More on PLoS Medicine

Lynn Eaton, Public Library of Science launches "author pays" model, BMJ, October 30, 2004. Excerpt: "Dr Ian Gibson, chairman of the UK parliamentary select committee on science and technology, which recently carried out an investigation into the funding of science publishing, welcomed the initiative. 'This is an important test case, setting the pace,' he told the audience at the journal's launch at the Wellcome Foundation, London, last week. 'It's going to be a real example to people out there.'...Dr Richard Smith, former editor of the BMJ and now on the board of directors at PLoS, also welcomed the venture, recalling how when he first suggested this funding model to a group of science editors 'they looked at me as if I was a complete lunatic.' But some traditional, print based journals were sometimes taking two years to publish a paper, he said. 'That's completely insane in the internet age.' He added that the journal, which gives easily understood summaries aimed at patients at the end of each piece of research, would have a 'great influence' on patients."