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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Another editorial in a new OA journal

Richard D. Feinman and M. Mahmood Hussain, What is Nutrition & Metabolism? Nutrition & Metabolism, August 17, 2004. An editorial in the inaugural issue of a new OA journal from BMC. Excerpt: "[I]t is precisely because publications in nutritional biochemistry are spread over such a large number of existing journals, few libraries and almost no individual can subscribe to all. It is in areas like this that free, open access becomes important. There is a large published debate on open access....Most recently, the UK House of commons issued a report encouraging open access publishing of government-funded research...and similar motions exist in the US congress. The editors of N&M feel that, at this point, the burden of proof is on proponents of perpetuating the current system. We are, however, not doctrinaire on this point and believe one should pay for a service if it is valuable."