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Thursday, September 02, 2004

JCI editorial supporting the US and UK proposals

Ushma Savla and John Hawley, Want the world to know? Publish here, The Journal of Clinical Investigation, 114 (2004) p. 602. An editorial. Excerpt: "Recent recommendations by the governments of the United Kingdom and the United States support the notion that government-funded research should be published in free-access journals. The JCI supports these recommendations, and we remind our readers that all JCI articles are deposited in PubMed Central for completely free access from the day they are published....More journals may soon be joining the JCI in the free-access camp after the recent recommendations offered to the UK and the US governments. The UK House of Commons Science and Technology Committee proposed that research funded with public money be deposited in freely available repositories soon after being peer reviewed and published in a scientific journal. They went on to enthusiastically endorse the idea of an author-pays model." (PS: I join Salva and Hawley in hoping that the US and UK proposals will help new and existing OA journals. However, neither proposal requires OA through journals. The UK proposal does not endorse the upfront funding model for OA journals, although it does call for further experimentation with it. Thanks to Jonathan Weitzman for the link.)