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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Another way that OA can help medicine

Free Database Encourages Wide Sharing of Information on Programs' Outcomes, Managed Care Magazine, August 2004. An unsigned news on an open-access database of best practices for healthcare providers. Excerpt: "Jerry Salkowe, MD, vice president for quality improvement at MVP Health Care, spent part of a recent weekend entering information about the insurer's quality incentive program into a new Web-based list of such efforts compiled by the Leapfrog Group. MVP, a health plan based in Schenectady, N.Y., issues payments to primary care physicians who meet specific quality measures. Leapfrog, steadily growing in national influence, is an employer-driven organization attempting to improve quality in patient care. Leapfrog's Incentive and Reward Compendium makes it easy to learn about what others are doing and tell the story of your organization's efforts, says Salkowe....The compendium...summarizes more than 80 projects around the country, providing information on program goals, the structure of nonfinancial and financial incentives, and the impact of the programs."