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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Survey of social scientists about OA archiving

Eugenio Pelizzari, Academic Authors and Open Archives: A Survey in the Social Science Field, Libri, June 2004. No Libri content is free online for non-subscribers, not even the TOC and abstracts. This abstract was distributed by email: "The paper reports on a survey of the academic staff of the Faculties of Economics and Law of the University of Brescia, Italy. The survey sought to determine knowledge and use of Open-Access archives, and to verify the conditions stated by the staff for their participation in an Institutional Open-Access initiative. The response to the questionnaire was 57.9% (62 authors). Results show that 44% (25/57) of the authors knew about the existence of Open-Access initiatives and archives. Of the persons who are aware of the existence of Open-Access archives, only 4% (1/25) affirmed they had already used them to deposit papers, while 33% (16/48), among those who declared to use materials free available on the web, affirmed to have used an Open-Access disciplinary archive. Sixty-one percent (41/62) of the respondents answered they were prepared to archive personally their own scientific or educational material on an institutional repository, once the conditions that they request have been fulfilled. The study illustrates the crucial role that authors play in the process of diffusion of Open-Access initiatives." (Thanks to Gary Price.)