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Monday, August 09, 2004

RSS feeds from Nature

The Nature Publishing Group now offers free RSS feeds for all its life-science journals and will soon expand the program to its other titles. From the press release: "[T]he listing of newsfeeds is accessible as an OPML file to facilitate the ready import of NPG newsfeeds into RSS newsreaders. A master RSS newsfeed of all NPG newsfeeds is also available for alerting subscribers to new NPG newsfeeds. These newsfeeds are all based on the RSS 1.0 format which builds on the W3C Resource Description Framework and allows rich metadata to be included at both the channel and item level....We have also developed a jobs metadata term set (including such terms as 'offeredBy', 'city', 'country', 'postedOn, 'expiresOn', etc) and make use of these terms in the jobs newsfeeds. We would like to work with other partners to define a new RSS module aimed at providing a fuller description of jobs information. Linking to the article full text is effected using industry-standard mechanisms for persistent linking: DOI and CrossRef."