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Monday, August 30, 2004

Enabling new scholarship

Amy Harbur and Abby Smith, Enabling New Scholarship: Scholarly Communication Institute Highlights Collaboration and Technology, CLIR Issues, September/October 2004. On CLIR's second annual Scholarly Communications Institute (SCI). Excerpt: "The presentations made it clear that digital scholarship cannot exist in a vacuum....Scholars today provide the content, but administrators must provide the institutional support, and librarians, technologists, and publishers must provide the structure, for digital information dissemination and retrieval....Scholars, it transpired, are often unaware of the resources available to them in their campus libraries. Technologists, given little or no direction, create 'cool' Web sites that do not provide the information and functionality that scholars need. Librarians create enhanced searching techniques for content they may never receive from scholars, who do not know they should be passing it along. Publishers provide value through peer review and editing, but they are often failing financially. Administrators must struggle to balance the demand for online resources from students and senior faculty's adherence to paper-based resources. Meanwhile, librarians cry for the resources to provide both digital and paper media as they seek to serve their increasingly diverse user bases....Having identified the case study as a tool that is important both for teaching and for research [in practical ethics], the teams proposed creating a case-study repository that the four centers could test collectively."