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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

"An abstracting and indexing equivalent of OA publishing"

Thomas Krichel and Michael Koenig, From open access to open libraries: claims and visions for Open Academic Libraries, an E-LIS archived copy of an article from the Proceedings International Conference of Digital Library: Advance the Efficiency of Knowledge Utilization, Beijing, 2004. Excerpt: "Recently, the primary academic publishing industry has become much preoccupied with the idea of open access to its output. Open access becomes possible as the Internet has reduced margin costs of giving out an additional copy to virtually zero. Very simple economic theory suggests that when welfare is optimal, prices are equal to marginal costs. Such a theory thus supports the idea that open access has favorable welfare properties. Our paper however is not about open access to primary research papers per se. Despite all the hype about open access, we think that the access method is not crucial to the academic digital library. The essence of any digital library is not so much about the access to the documents; rather it is more about how such documents are organized....We are interested in an abstracting and indexing equivalent of open access publishing."