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Monday, July 19, 2004

Cuban science -- a selection of 15 Open Access journals

The majority of these titles include fulltext content beginning in 1995 or 1996, relatively early in the evolution of web-based electronic journals. This is merely a sampling of the Cuban journals available online. There are a couple of major repositories of Cuban science which I have mined for these titles, Revistas Medicas Cubanas and SciELO Cuba. Revista Cubana de Cardiologia y Cirugia Cardiovascular Fulltext v10+ (1996+); ISSN: 0864-2168 Revista Cubana de Cirugia Fulltext v37+ (1998+); ISSN: 0034-7493 Revista Cubana de Educacion Medica Superior Fulltext v9+ (1995+); ISSN: 0864-2141 Revista Cubana de Endocrinologia Fulltext v6+ (1995+); ISSN: 0864-4462 Revista Cubana de Enfermeria Fulltext v11+ (1995+); ISSN: 0864-0319 Revista Cubana de Estomatologia Fulltext v33(2)+ (May/August 1996+); ISSN: 0034-7507 Revista Cubana de Hematologia, Inmunologia y Hemoterapia Fulltext v11+ (1995+); ISSN: 0864-0289 Revista Cubana de Higiene y Epidemiologia Fulltext v33+ (1995+); ISSN: 0253-1751 Revista Cubana de Medicina Fulltext v34+ (1995+); ISSN: 0034-7523 Revista Cubana de Medicina General Integral Fulltext v11(2)+ (March/April 1995+); ISSN: 0864-2125 Revista Cubana de Medicina Tropical Fulltext v47+ (1995+); Print ISSN: 0375-0760 | Online ISSN: 1561-3054 Revista Cubana de Oftalmologia Fulltext v8+ (1995+); ISSN: 0864-2176 Revista Cubana de Pediatria Fulltext v69+ (1997+); ISSN: 0034-7531 Revista Cubana de Plantas Medicinales Fulltext v1+ (1996+); ISSN: 1028-4796 Revista Cubana de Salud Publica Fulltext v21+ (1995+); Print ISSN: 0864-3466 | Online ISSN: 1561-3127