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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Wendy Grossman on Brewster Kahle

Wendy Grossman, Can we? May we? Will we? The Inquirer, April 30, 2004. The title questions refer to the prospect that we will digitize all human knowledge, store it online forever, and make it openly accessible. Grossman sketches the vision of Brewster Kahle. Excerpt: "One reason I'm not [willing to pay for copyright permissions] is philosophical: I believe that archiving open access to our cultural history is important. The kind of fine-grained charging this idea would represent is, I believe, destructive. Creators are net consumers of intellectual property. If you drive research costs through the roof, few will be able to afford to create anything new --and those who are will be funded by large media companies. It will be impossible to survive as an independent."