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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Stevan Harnad's contribution to the Nature debate

Stevan Harnad and eight co-authors, The green and the gold roads to Open Access, Nature, May 17, 2004. Harnad and his colleagues underline two important but increasingly neglected distinctions, the first between the "affordability problem" (making journals more affordable) and the "access problem" (making them more accessible), and the second between delivering OA through journals (the gold road) and delivering it through archives or repositories (the green road). They also draw the first major public attention to two significant new research results. One is a forthcoming Tim Brody analysis confirming Steve Lawrence's famous study showing a correlation between open access and citation impact. The other is Harnad's own analysis showing that over 80% of conventional journals now permit OA archiving in some form. A longer version of the article is available at Harnad's web site.