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Friday, April 16, 2004

Third OAI workshop

Chris Awre, Report on the 3rd OAI Workshop, D-Lib Magazine, April 2004. Good overview of the presentations for those who don't have time to view the webcasts and PPT slides. Excerpt: "This 3rd OAI Workshop, entitled 'Implementing the benefits of OAI', was held at CERN on 12-14 February 2004. CERN has also been the location for the first two workshops and this third workshop took place 18 months after the last one. The growing interest in OAI and the open access movement led to a big increase in the number of delegates to the workshop (from 120-190) this year and also the number of countries represented (27 this time). The workshop itself comprised a number of presentations, four tutorials, seven breakout groups and a panel discussion, plus plenty of time for discussion and interaction between fellow delegates."