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Saturday, April 03, 2004

More on the UC membership in PLoS

Tara Moore, UC Teams Up With Nonprofit Science Journal Publisher, The Daily Online Californian, April 2, 2004. Excerpt: "In private companies like Elsevier, researchers contribute papers to journals at a low cost or for free, but then the publisher turns around and sells it back to universities for thousands of dollars, [Mike] Eisen said. In his journal [PLoS Biology], contributors have to pay $1,500 to send in an article, but the publication is free. 'Our model makes far more sense for everyone in the world to get our information regardless of how much money they have,' he said....UC's endorsement was one of the most sought-after among the hundreds of potential member universities. Other major public institutions including the University of Texas and the University of Virginia are among the journalís supporters."