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Thursday, April 29, 2004

More on Lessig's Free Culture

Thomas D. Sullivan, Practicing the Liberty He Preaches, New York Times, April 29, 2004. (Requires free registration.) Another angle and an update on Lawrence Lessig's and Penguin's experience making the professor's Free Culture available as a free download. Sullivan reports "21 editions of the free digital version have been created." Some other numbers are cited:
Penguin said the book sold out its first printing, but the company would not disclose specific numbers....Online, meanwhile, Mr. Lessig said yesterday that he could account for around 65,000 downloads from www and related sites, and 1,700 from www.legaltorrents .com, a site dedicated to free downloading. "But of course, that's an underestimate,'' he said, "as the text is echoed in other places." Penguin said the book had been downloaded 100,000 times by April 19 at Amazon .com; Amazon would not disclose sales or downloading figures.