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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

More on the Google-DSpace venture

Donald MacLeod, Google launches research archive project, The Guardian, April 13, 2004. Excerpt: "The world's most popular search engine has turned its attention to the problem of digging out scholarly gems from the mass of material thrown up by its internet searches....Cranfield University, which does most of its research geared to business and industry, was one of the universities to use the DSpace model, but wanted to make its research better known. As Simon Bevan, the university's systems information manager, commented today: 'You can make papers available electronically, but are people going to find them? Because everybody uses Google, papers are suddenly far more accessible and usable and retrievable.' He added: 'It is a means for us to spread the word about Cranfield, for business to buy into our work and find out what we do.' "