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Friday, April 16, 2004

Garfield on the future of citation indexing

Peter Jacso, The Future of Citation Indexing - Interview with Dr. Eugene Garfield. Portions of this interview were published in the January issue of Online magazine, and now Jacso´ has made the complete article available on his website. Among other issues, Garfield considers the impact of open access material on citation indexing, particularly with respect to ResearchIndex, pointing out that the latter could become highly useful if its scope were increased to a wider range of disciplines and that now "it is dependent upon whatever journals and other materials are available free on the web ." He maintains that indexing and abstracting services still perform vital work for the information community because of the lack of standardization in citation and the number of citation errors. Furthermore, while a great deal of retrospective literature is digitized, much of it has not been indexed, so citation work is necessary both going forward and backward in time.