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Thursday, April 15, 2004

First of many

When I originally blogged Adam Hodgkin's article, A topsy turvy e-world (The Bookseller, April 1, 2004), it was only available online in a toll-access edition. Adam asked The Bookseller for permission to deposit the postprint in E-LIS, an OAI-compliant repository for library and information science, and it agreed. I'm happy to report that there is now an OA edition of the article at E-LIS. I won't make this elaborate second announcement for every TA article that becomes OA. But I'm doing it in this case because it's the first success --that I know about-- in my call to authors to provide OA to their articles about OA. Thanks to Adam for trying this option and thanks to The Bookseller for its cooperation.

Now about the article: Adam argues that OA to primary literature in journals may stimulate the market for "secondary publications which abstract, assess, cite and measure or increase the accessibility of all the free, open access, primary literature." If true, this is a reason for some publishers of priced literature to welcome and support OA.