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Tuesday, April 13, 2004


The Old Dominion University Digital Library Research Group has launched two new projects, Digital Library GRID and MOD_OAI (temporarily at the same web address). From the web site: "Google does an incredible job at providing discovery services of the 'shallow' web' to the general public, we envision a similar quality, sustainable, free discovery service for students and researchers for parts of the 'deep' web. The parts of the deep web we refer to in this vision are digital libraries and collections that are exposing their metadata using OAI-PMH (Protocol for Metadata Harvesting)....A search user will be able to access a research paper, preprint, a technical report, an image of a great painting, or a performance of a musical piece in a few seconds from thousands of libraries scattered all over the world....We will develop the software tools to:
  • Adapt existing OAI-PMH harvesting (Arc) and Lucene indexing software to the grid
  • Deploy a cluster to do parallel, high performance search based on Lucene engine
  • Develop software support to move indices and metadata between low and high latency nodes."

For more details, see the grant proposal to the Mellon Foundation.