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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

CMAJ stands by OA policy

Medical research, the media and open access, CMAJ 170(9), 1365 (April 27, 2004). One of the questions regarding OA to medical information is how that information gets translated or misintrepreted by the press and public (and if such is the case, then why allow open access to the source publication so that the public may be even more confused, skeptics may argue.) While exploring these questions in their current issue, CMAJ also points to data that signify: "Online publication brings a different readership, and a wider authorship." The journal's editors argue that such wider participation in the journal's findings points to a sustainable model. Thus, they conclude, "the Internet has given us greater visibility, permitting us to form electronic relationships with new readers, authors and contributors, all of whom have strengthened the publication. We plan to continue under the banner of "Free Access" both to users and contributors."