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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Bowker's UlrichsWeb helps find OA journals

If you go to, the standard online journal index from Bowker, you'll notice that it now supports open-access journals in two ways. First, an option on the advanced search page lets you limit searches to OA journals. Second, in regular searches, a special icon appears next to OA journals. Unfortunately you can't test either feature unless you are a paying subscriber. From the press release: "Leading the enhancement release is the debut of Open Access Journals to now contains a new "Open Access" search field by which users can search for any publication that is available via open access. Open Access publishing is a fast-growing trend that brings academic and scholarly research - much of it peer-reviewed - directly to anyone with an Internet connection. Open Access Journals (OAJ) from SPARC, PLoS, Biomed Central, the Directory of Open Access Journals and other sources are now included in'The number of Open Access Journals published worldwide is growing by the week. Bowker has taken a bold step to support this new open access publishing movement by showcasing Open Access Journals in the newly enhanced service,' said Boe Horton, vice-president and general manager, library division of New Providence, N.J.-based R.R. Bowker. 'This is an extraordinary and truly global movement in the academic publishing world, with Open Access Journals being produced in fields from Agriculture to Zoology and in countries from Australia to Russia.' " (Thanks to Jan Velterop.)