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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Another author experimenting with free online books

Peter Griffin, Writer gambles by giving away novel on net, the New Zealand Herald, April 30, 2004. Another writer experiments with offering free downloads. Unlike Lessig, whose book has to do with offering free content, this one is an action novel (no CC license, either). A news article reports on Matthew Reilly and his latest novel Hover Car Racer, "a thriller that is being published in eight online instalments, two of which have so far been released." Reilly's publisher cites him as the first mainstream author to openly publish one of his works in this format. "I'm trying to get to those people who don't go into bookstores. People in the office who are online all day. It's really to reach out beyond my existing readers," the article quotes Reilly. The book is being supported by commercial sponsorship, particularly from Canon. Furthermore, Reilly remarks: "I'm encouraging people to forward it on. For every one book I sell, I reckon four people read it. If you show some goodwill the market will come back and buy the books." The writer also said he was not dissuaded by Stephen King's 200 e-book experience, where the celebrated writer abandoned the installment project when people stopped paying for it. (Source: Techdirt)