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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Response to the DC principles

A group of library associations and public-interest advocacy organizations has issued a response to the DC principles. Excerpt:
We applaud the publishers who have signed the D.C. Principles for their commitment to free access to peer-reviewed research literature where they conclude it is feasible. [...]

Open access is our goal for scientific and scholarly communication because it facilitates the open discussion needed to accelerate research, share knowledge, and enlarge human understanding. The goal is so desirable -- for science itself and for researchers, universities, libraries, journals, publishers, learned societies, foundations, governments, and citizens -- that any problems we encounter in pursuing it are worth solving. Our organizations stand ready to work toward solutions in cooperation with the signatories of the D.C. Principles.

(PS: Full disclosure. I'm affiliated with two of the groups issuing the response and participated in its drafting.)