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Saturday, February 21, 2004

Stanford votes

Ryan Sands, Fac Sen addresses costly journals, The Stanford Daily, February 20, 2004. Excerpt: "In response to the damaging effect of rising serial costs on campus budgets, the Faculty Senate passed guidelines yesterday for Stanford libraries, faculty and departments regarding academic journals. There were four guidelines passed regarding the budget strains on the libraries. [1] The first guideline encouraged faculty and libraries to support affordable scholarly journals by volunteering articles and labor in the production, review and editing of publications. [2] The second recommended that libraries refuse bundled subscription plans....[3] The third guideline encouraged Stanford libraries to scrutinize the pricing of journals and to discontinue subscriptions of disproportionately expensive serials. This guideline specifically singled out publisher Elsevier. In recent months, Elsevier has been criticized by other schools such as the University of California, Harvard University and Duke University, which have passed similar guidelines and academic journal restrictions. [4] The fourth guideline 'strongly asked' faculty not to contribute articles or editorial efforts to publishers and journals that engaged in exploitive pricing, but to look to other, more reasonably priced venues for disseminating their research." The Faculty Senate adopted the guidelines with only one dissenting vote. Another article in the same issue summarized the news more succinctly: the Faculty Senate "approved a motion that would encourage libraries to cancel exorbitantly priced journals from for-profit journal publishers and encourage faculty to withhold work from those publishers."