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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Open data sharing in psychology

Tori DeAngelis, Data sharing: a different animal, APA Monitor on Psychology, February 2004. On OA to data in psychology, a disscussion meant to accompany a companion piece by DeAngelis that I blogged the other day. Mary Bullock is the associate director for science at the American Psychological Association. She thinks there are three reasons why open data sharing is not used as widely in psychology as it is in the natural sciences. "That said, the potential benefits of large-scale data sharing far outweigh the costs, Bullock believes. Pluses include increasing the power and generalizability of psychological findings by increasing effective sample sizes, getting more value from costly research investments and encouraging research across investigators and institutions." To help members learn the ropes, the APA will (1) offer training sessions "to help researchers learn secondary analysis of large databases" and (2) host a web page on data archiving and data sharing in psychology. (Thanks to Howard Kurtzman.)