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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

PLoS is changing the ground rules of academic publishing

Paul Gilster, How to get the data out, the Raleigh News Observer, January 14, 2004. Excerpt: "Vast amounts of data are tied up in prestigious journals requiring expensive library subscriptions. When I needed an article by physicist Raymond Lewis on current work on anti-matter containment for a book chapter I was working on, I found the citation online in a journal called Advances in Space Research. The cost to read the entire article was $30. A few such articles quickly add up....The Public Library of Science (PLoS) changes the ground rules of academic publishing....Having just paid $110 for four NASA papers that were produced with the aid of taxpayer dollars, I find myself unusually sensitive to the cost of information. The open-access model offers great advantages to researchers and their institutions, not to mention the libraries that support them, but it will have to get past one huge hurdle. Specifically, prestige." (Thanks to Rosalind Reid.)