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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

More on PLoS institutional memberships

Today PLoS issued a press release describing the new program. Excerpt: "'Institutional memberships,' says Dr. Helen Doyle, PLoS Director of Development and Strategic Alliances, 'are one way to provide an incentive for scientists in less well-funded disciplines, as well as those in developing countries, to publish in open-access journals.' The memberships, which are available to universities, libraries, funders of research, and other organizations, offer sizable discounts on publication fees for affiliated authors --meaning that a scholarly institution, private foundation, or corporation could substantially reduce any financial barrier to publishing in PLoS Biology that its researchers faced....'We already waive all fees for any authors who say they can't afford them,' Doyle adds, 'but we hope that Institutional Memberships will help assuage the concern that open access journals are unsustainable in fields with less funding.'"